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Flat Roofing



Did you know that " flat roofs " aren't actually flat ? 


They are angled to direct water to gutters and downspouts.


National Roofing is experienced in the installation and maintenance of flat roofed buildings.  Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, National Roofing can assist.   



Flat roof installation consists of putting down multiple layers of water resistant materials.   The types of flat roofs include :


Rubber membrane - EPDM is a singly ply roofing material made from ethylene propylene rubber.  EPDM roofs are typically used for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings.  EPDM rubber is very economical and long lasting.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing Membranes  is regarded as the new-generation of single-ply roofing materials.  Even though itís referred to as single ply, it consists of three components or layers:  a structural deck or outer skin;  a thermal insulation barrier;  and a waterproofing skin that adheres to the roof.


Tar & Gravel 4 Ply - Built-Up Roofing is a system of layering an asphalt-based membrane base, organic felts, and asphalt / tar top coat, covered with protective and reflective gravel.  This material can be added to existing tar & gravel BUR systems.  It is a good insulator and has a long lifecycle.


PVC roof membranes have been around since the 1960s, giving PVC the distinction of having the longest track record among any thermo plastic roofing membranes.  It has great flexibility and tolerance to extreme temperatures.  PVC is itís not reusable or recyclable therefore the average life span of PVC flat roofing material is 25 years.



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