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Recycling, and products made from recycled materials, are usually good things to look for in today's world. Not so for the roofing industry and asphalt shingles.


In 1985, some shingle manufacturers began adding recycled materials into their shingles. They added such things as cardboard, newspaper, wood, plastic, foil and styrofoam.


Once installed, these "recycled shingles" absorb and hold moisture. Moisture causes them to lift, curl and deteriorate right on your roof. This leaves your home vulnerable to leaks. Serious damage can occur to roof boards, attic insulation, drywall, ceilings and flooring.


Take a look around your neighbourhood. It is usually quite obvious which roofs have those recycled shingles.



At National Roofing we NEVER use " recycled shingles ".


National Roofing installs fiberglass base shingles. These are shingles that contain 100% asphalt and fiberglass. No recycled materials.



Fiberglass base shingles do not absorb and hold moisture. They will help to protect your home and cottage from moisture and the elements.


We stand behind our products 100%. National Roofing gives you a 40-year warranty on products and workmanship.


Please keep in mind that National Roofing also installs :


        Cedar Shingles

        Metal Roofing

        Eaves Troughs, Fascia & Soffit








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